Couchbase query language N1QL is very annoying when it comes to WHERE...IN clause. I find it very odd that it decided to go different than RBDMS SQL queries, and require square brackets ["value1", "value2"] instead of the round brackets that are so common pretty much in every tool (and for DB people: in RDBMS SQL).

A full functioning example for Couchbase N1QL:

And the following example will not work:

By the way, I came across this when I tried doing a nice query that additionally doesSELECT COUNT(*) ... GROUP BY field and SELECT parentNode.field FROM bucket UNNEST bucket.parentNode AS parentNode for the first time, and integrating all those clauses together needed some extra effort.

Showing the JavaScript line code coverage on the far bottom-right, alongside the Java line code coverage (in color)

The foundation for a healthy project is a high standard of automated tests. When your code is well tested, with tests that cover actual scenarios and user behaviors, modifying the code is not as risky task as it was otherwise. …

When using Docker to deploy an application, it is best to rebuild the application continuously — for example whenever the application is rebuilt. This way, one’s integration servers can be automatically up-to-date, and run end-to-end tests on the latest code.
Docker has great positive influence on development processes and continuous integration…

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